Oral/Poster Presentation

Session 1 : Green Technology 1 (Control, Electric, IT) - Sidney 1 (10:00 ~ 12:00)

Paper No. Title
071 PSO based Tuning of a PID controller for Coupled Tank Systems
072 Wireless Ultrasonic Anemometer & Anemoscope Data-Logger System
074 The Study on Effects of Partial Shading on PV System applied to the Offshore Structure
082 A Study on The Optimal Tracking Problems With Predefined Data by Using Iterative Learning Control
087 A performance evaluation for bilingual multi-word lexicon construction via a pivot language
099 A Sun Tracking Control System Using Two DOF Active Sensor Arrays

Session 2 : Green Technology 2 (Solid, Material, IT) - Sidney 2 (10:00 ~ 12:00)

Paper No. Title
073 Numerical Analysis Results of the Cathodic Protection for the underground steel pipe by anode installation method
080 An Experimental Study on Effects of the Internal Tubular Coatings on Mitigating Wax Deposition in Offshore Oil Production
085 Metaheuristics for Reliable Server Assignment Problems
095 Evaluations on the Structure of an Artificial Neural Network for Real-Time Monitoring System for Machine Conditions
096 A study on the measurement and analysis of whirling vibration behavior of marine propulsion shafting system using gap sensor
104 Performance comparative analysis of robust background modelling system using LMS algorithm

Session 3 : Advanced Technology 1 (Advanced Fluidics, Flows) - Sidney 1 (13:30 ~ 15:30)

Paper No. Title
076 Super-long hourglass-shaped nanopore as gating of water transport: Molecular Dynamics Simulation
078 Friction and Mass Flow Analysis in a Circular Ribbed Microchannel using Lattice Boltzmann Method
079 Study on power enhancement of reverse electrodialysis using brine discharged from forward osmosis desalination process
083 CFD Analysis on Various Parameters that Affect Dean Flow in a Helical Microchannel
088 Heat Transfer Enhancement of Nanofluids in a Pulsating Heat Pipe for Heat Dissipation of LED Lighting
098 Introduction to Magnetic Resonance Velocimeter (Validation of Mean Velocity Fields of Circular Pipe Flows)

Session 4 : Advanced Technology 2 (Fluid Machinery) - Sidney 2 (13:30 ~ 15:30)

Paper No. Title
081 Influence on Centrifugal Force Control in a Self-driven Oil Purifier
090 Numerical Study on the Performance of a Two-Stage Ejector-Diffuser System
091 Analysis on the Performance and Internal flow of a Tubular Type Hydro Turbine
093 Characteristics of wave propagation in a sloping-wall-type wave absorber
097 Experimental investigation of velocity fields in the header of plate-fin heat exchanger
103 Spray Characteristics of Misaligned Impinging Injectors

Session 5 : Advanced Technology 3 (Energy) - Sidney 1 (16:00 ~ 17:00)

Paper No. Title
077 Future of LNG as Ship’s Propulsion
084 Separation of dissolved gases from water using synthesized gas based on an exhalation gas characteristics from a human
086 Experimental Study of the Water Spray Jets
089 CFD Approach on Gas Explosion for SIL in Gas Fuelled Ship
092 Variations of Swirl Center according to Evaluation Position in Steady Flow Bench of SI Engine
094 A study on the Drag Reduction of Tanker Model Ship Using Air Lubrication

Session 6 : Green Technology 3 (IT, Offshore) - Sidney 2 (16:00 ~ 17:00)

Paper No. Title
075 Design on Illumination of Structures for lighthouse in Korea
100 An Attitude Control of Stabilizing System Using An Adaptive Fuzzy Control
101 A study on relative localization system using modified rounding estimation and Kalman filter
102 Indoor localization system using modified feedback filter and RSSI