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Oh, Kong-Gyun

Green-Ship Industry, Shale Gas Industry, Ship Registries and Related Industry are recent keywords. Especially, Green-Ship is not an option but a mandate. As you are all aware, the world is presently faced with two major global issues. The first one is the global energy deficits and the second is the global warming and pollution. It is true that these two issues have had a significant effect on the sustainable development of maritime industries.

A ship emitting low harmful pollutants and having high energy efficiency is called as 'Green Ship'. Recently, IMO has developed EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index). The purposes of IMO's EEDI are to require a minimum energy efficiency level for new ships and to stimulate continued technical development of all the components influencing the fuel efficiency of a ship. The EEDI provides a transparent basis for comparison of the energy efficiency for individual ships and, when made mandatory, will require ship designers and builders to produce intrinsically energy-efficient ships. Securing advanced technologies in 'Green Ship' will be a minimum condition to be survived or not.

In the meantime, the world economy is growing to one block. This implies that there is no national boundary, and the economic boundaries disappear between nations in order to adopt 'Green Ship' technologies to one's own products for survival. Eventually, accompanied growth must be followed.

In other words, globalization on 'Green Ship' technologies is mandatory. In order for the maritime industries to make a significant progress towards 'Green Ship', discussion and close cooperation on various issues including GHG (Green House Gas) reduction, ballast water control, ship recycling, next generation propulsion and related IMO regulations at an international level is essential.

Maximizing reliability of the whole 'Green Ship', covering all parts from the engine to the hull, will be required in order to secure sustainable growth of the marine industries and protection of the environment. I am confident that we could be able to find new ways to drive the sustainable development in 'Green Ship'.

Herein, I believe that the ISMT 2014 in Busan, Korea will serve as an excellent venue for such discussions. We will make every effort to make this event a real success and cordially invite you to take part in this exciting opportunity for maritime industries and affairs.

ISMT 2014 is aimed at the GATE (Globalization, Accompanied growth, Total solution for green ship, Exchanging ideas with world's leaders in green ship industries) for 'Green Ship'. This GATE was set as the main idea of ISMT2011. During the period of ISMT 2014, top leaders in 'Green Ship' will have a regular summit for the GATE. The biggest exhibition of Korea in the field of marine industry, KORMARINE, will be held during ISMT 2014.

I would like to welcome all of distinguished leaders in 'Green Ship' to ISMT 2014. We are now trying our best to host you all the best, which will make you comfortable and satisfactory during the symposium.

Oh, Kong-Gyun
Oh, Kong-Gyun
Chairperson, ISMT BUSAN
President, The Korean Society of Marine Engineering (KOSME)